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BBC Multimedia News Head interviewed by with unique global Video Blog

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1st February 2008.

The head of the BBC's recently launched multimedia newsroom has been telling Batten Award winning site, of the corporation's plans to be the best at multimedia journalism in a unique interview.

Lasting almost an hour Peter Horrocks spoke of the BBC's network innovators shaping new ideas, how it planned to drive a different brand of multimedia news and how he admired sites such as the New York Times.

He was speaking to's editor, David Dunkley Gyimah, at the BBC's headquarters in London.

Uniquely, Horrocks was also fielding video questions from a number of super bloggers, academics and journalists from around the world enveloping multimedia journalism in what's referred to as a Vlog Butterfly.

They included John Burke from the World Association of Newspapers based in France, Rob Montgomerry of Visual Editors in Chicago, Palesa Letlaka-Nkosi Head of Formats at the SABC, Blogger and lecturer Andy Dickinson, Jemima Kiss of the Guardian and Mike Jones of Digital Basin and The International Film School in Sydney.

Global Multimedia Journalism
"What the production demonstrates", says David, "is how small independent sites or bloggers interested in news and related subjects can join forces.

When I finally secured my interview with Peter, and you'll very rarely see videos of him, I had no other idea in mind than to contact people to ask them to field a question".

The whole thing took a matter of days: videos were posted which were processed and encoded in Flash, and then the site-build took over and the video promo.

David adds by default the project also flags up a discipline, he's been keen to promote called Integrated Multimedia Journalism, where one person, is responsible for producing, filming and editing a news feature and then taking over the coding in Flash and CSS - HTML design.

"I'd like to say a big thank you to Peter Horrocks of the BBC and to the many that participated", says David.

Some bloggers such as Katie M King of the Online News Association and JD Lassica were caught up with work so couldn't participate this time around.

Multimedia Vlog follow up
David is looking to produce his next Vlog Butterfly which he says could involve the director of one of last year's smash movies.

"I have been in touch with his personal assistant and it's just trying to find a convenient time" says David.

The authors of the questions are being posted their answers and a film showing the making of the video blog and visit to the BBC is now in the works, shot by one of David's ex students Don Omope.

David hopes to be talking about the Vlog Butterfly at a number of events including WAN in Sweden, Apple stores and in Berlin.


Editor's Notes.
Vlog butterly here
Promo for Vlog Butterfly can also be accessed from site

With use of pictures please credit Don Omope

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