Saturday, February 16, 2008

Theatre of the Mind


I should be going through the next stage of building a movie, but I have been distracted and for very good reasons.

Once in a while a talent crosses your path; an unusual one in so much as a dying art that's been revived for the 21st century.

Lord Bryon is a stock broker by day, but his hidden skill combines the voice of a Hollywood trailer voice artist and the writing skills of any brilliant story teller.

Last week a colleague gave me his CD and I just went wow, so we talked about filming him and in my usual, yeah, came up with a treatment that we spent time filming.

Credit to Kienda Hoji for producing, Hassan for lighting and filming, Lord Bryon for his incredible talent.

It took us a couple of hours to film this 15 minute seq; not the sort of swift turnaround VJ product; this was about patience.

We had three DV cams shooting, and I'll soon, sometime have those edited for you to really enjoy.

Here's a preview mixed to three from the shoot. The snippet from his original audio book, which Byron calls Theater of the Mind, is called Marcus Constantine

Of course one of the greatest in this genre is WOTW - HG Wells

The full version soon, which we'll post on YTube.

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