Sunday, December 02, 2007

A year in Journalism

Snapshot of front page of
You've got to like listening to stories.

Why do we do it?

Perhaps you can tell me?

For me, it's about individual experiences, how those translate to others, make an impact on lives; in some cases the lives of the very authors themselves as they reflect on their own journeys.

It's most likely instictive; from the early years of gesturing to word formation, finding the basics ie food and shelter to complex permutations of words e.g Chormsky.

In many cases - a darn right curiosity of others whose origins and customs, we've perhaps read or barely touched on but would like to know more.

Celebrity tests the banality of this overzealousness.

Exit Interviews
So to the case of these series of shorts I have been making in recent years which have become my vivid photo-video portraits.

One question posited to the interviewee that hangs in the air for them to ponder.

Once Masters students in journalism, crossing the thresh hold to professionals, set on informing us of issues that richochet our lives.

Why should we be fasincated even more so.

Because of the physics of our time; the strains and strifes of the world ( steady on David) against journalism 12 rounds and going with a Tyson in his hay day.

It's fair to say this is the most tumultuous time for storytelling and the most exhilirating.

And that's why I like millions are so fascinated people's stories.

Everyone has something to say; this is my chance to document those whose paths we both have crossed.

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