Thursday, December 20, 2007

Phishing, Mad dogs and Police Camera Action - the difference a day makes

Mind your security

You couldn't write a script for it, but the last 18 hours have been eventful to say the least.

On my way home passing a friends house, we noticed two burly men in a dark car looking down into a laptop.

There was it appeared to be data streaming.

They could have been innocently surfing broadband networks - which in itself constitutes a crime - sans permission.

Phishing has become increasingly popular as most broadband users have not secured their networks.

It's most common on high rise estates where criminals are known to lie in wait siphoning off traffic data which could include your sensitive financial details.

When we went online we counted at least 9 overlapping wifis open to attack.

So we went in doors and called the police and handed over our findings.

My colleague unable to contain himself crossed the road and asked if they were detectives.

They laughed- all 6 foot 16 stone of them and then moments later drove away.

When we spoke to our ISP, they were dismissive, assuring us such things did not happen and no one could get into your network.


Mad Dogs

Out on a bike ride this morning, I spot three dogs Rotweillers strolling with their handler.

We had three dogs as pets during my teens, but if I can I'll avoid them.

Which is what I did, until two decided, barking furiously, to home in on me.

I stood still and shouted out to the owner.

"Madam your dogs!!!"

"Oh they don't bite"

"Of course they don't, they're your dogs"

"No really, they don't bite"

'They're still coming at me". Meanwhile I'm standing still looking peripherally at them.

She made some feeble attempt to call them, they continued on their path snarling.

Within normal voice range, I pointed out, firstly I should be able to walk anywhere in this park without being threatened.

And how would she like it if three mean looking men peeled of from the pavement and walked close up to her, whilst muttering we're not going to hurt you.

And furthermore, if I did manage to grab something to defend myself, she'd be pretty furious.

Yes dog owners, you need to be a little bit thoughtful sometimes.


My package on multimedia is taking shape, but it's too slow, so in an attempt to inject some action, I'm hoping to go out witt he police on a night raid.

That way too I can illustrate multiple entry points for multistrand storytelling

Area police press office isn't being too helpful, asking what they'll get from this.

How journalists may well be covering crime stories as videojournalist, didn't quite cut it.

And that's part of the problem.

Institutions are still insulated from the changes taking shape on the ground

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