Sunday, December 16, 2007

OCD videojournalism

Yes it can be at times a compulsive obsessional disorder.

On holiday in Turkey recently I did what I always do; go off the beaten tourism trap to sample the area in as near possible I can get to going native.

Something strange in this small coastal turkish town: thriving yes with tourists with English the international language of choice, but something else.

Over the course of a decade or so the town had, I discovered, transformed, embracing not just English customs but an English way of life.

Many of the settled locals were from the North of England, Newscastle, whom seeking a quality of life had taken their trade and finances to this new enclave - what property the could buy in England was nothing compared to what they could get now.

Many of the young turkish men had English names and a significant number had English mums.

The whole area was being rebirthed as an outpost of Britishdom; even the local council had an English person sitting.

Extraordinary, I thought, and so I set about documenting it.

One major result, a consequence of this migration is that if you're now thinking of going to live there, you'll notice the property prices: there on par with house prices in the UK.

And the name of the town?

Bummer, forgotten,. must go and check my notes.

Don't you jurse lurve blogs for their looseness

I must learn to put my camera away when I'm going on hols.

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