Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Matrix Journalist

Its namesake may be a tad passe.

Six years is a long time in web history, but the ideals have some currency for what we seek to define in the evolving journalism order.

No longer will linear packages/conversations be adequate.

Perhaps not now, but in some not too distant future.

Already the spatial quality, it's google quadrants - longtitude and lantitude - are much sought after.

Its matrix includes how the report sits within what is being realised as the extended narrative. e.g. comments etc.

How we view the piece within the Matrix of others: technorati, del.cio.ous. stumble upon, linked, pulse, google analytics, facebook

The deeper we go this dystopia becomes less fictional.

Wierdly, bizarrely, we're imagining what we'd like to do, only to discover we can.

In this trailer, we hear from Technorati's David Sifry,the New York Times' Naka Nathaniel, Dan Gillmor, the Royal Institute of International Affairs interviewed over three continents, UK, Egypt and US.

We have a rare look inside Egypt's state broadcaster's new high tech studios where journalists are looking to experiment with the Matrix.

Here for uncompressed version of promo 600px by 300px

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