Sunday, December 02, 2007

Steady cam - handy cam combo

Tom Barrera dropped me a line with details of an interesting device he's created here.

His words:" A way to do photo and video journalism at the same time. I doubled my income with it.
Its called a Quad Pod Combo Al lin One".

Thanks Tom.

And I like the maketese line "I doubled my income with it"

This isn't an endorsement, as I have never tried it, but equally I'm not being dismissive.

If it can help make the work of photojo and video easier then that must be useful.

Have a look and see what you make of it.

Camera devices
There are a couple of devices on the market for videojos: film maker Mike Figgiss' 'wheel like steady cam - the Fig Rig" has been used by a fair few friends of mine in shoots.

Then there's the steady cam junior - a smaller version of the steady cam, that perhaps doesn't get used enough.

A simple enough steadycam can also be obtained from a small tripod by weighting the bottom and extending the neck where you'll place your grip.

In Norway, if I can find the film, a senior exec has the camera attached to a pulley device.

Last week at Reuters one of their execs spoke about a min- body crane that helped you do Pieces to Camera or Standups so you could get an appreciable depth of field.

Keep those devices coming


Anonymous said...

You may not have heard of the Camsling these device has been around for awhile and it's selling was that it was under £100.

diversity production network

Dr David Dunkley Gyimah said...


thanks mate. Yes I had actually. My VJ colleague at Urban fox has that and many more goodies

but prey where does it all start?

Anonymous said...

There is a newer more versitile version of the Home Built Steadycam Design.

Check out the site for complete tutorial & sample video clips.