Thursday, December 06, 2007

What the media boss needs for Christmas

image courtesy of Wayne - his own illustration - whom I should be interviewing soon

A new car, a bonus thrice his/her salary, or Ms Angelina Jooooliieee?


If you're thinking of getting your media boss an everlasting gift, nip down to the nearest high school/secondary school and observe students at work during IT hours.

There lurking at the back, in between being taught mouse movement and how to use google is the ONE.

S/he, though they tend to be hes is the kid who dare not speak his name.

He mashes up RSS with feed burning protocols, realigns the video codecs to pum out near HD quality on the mobiles, and speaks for a generation in taste and style; except his own is found wanting.

S/he's tie is shaped like the blues brothers and there's the touch of the Harry P ( Potter) about their personna.

Wierd but inclusive, or at least they try to be.

Dotcom Prince
At the height of dotcom mania in Soho, I knew one such figure.

Geez just what couldn't he do switching from perl to Msdos and then claiming photoshops algorithim if applied this way could do this.

Do what?



If you want to impress the boss for Xmas, go waive a contract in from Harry P offering free reign of your newsroom, a desk of their own, a journalists card, and all you have to do chosen one, is tell us what we're not doing right now and what's going on out there!

Get yourself a geeky net wizard is what I'm saying.

And that much I'll say and more at the World Association Newspaper Congress next year.

Just remember a teenager is for life, not just for xmas

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