Sunday, December 23, 2007

Mr Man - tracking adam and Eve

To you and me he has no name.

A silhouette which we no sooner would ignore; more emails to read.

But Mr Man has an identity constructed to sate the digital appetite of many apps.

On Facebook, he's posted his birthdate (unwise, but there you go) and where he lives; his circle of friends add to his digital DNA, and then the books he reads colour in his background.

His cinema preferences and blog posts scoured over by marketeers is cross referenced with other social networks he belongs to.

Each fabric, thread of information adds a layer of information.

We know he lives in New York and using his name and available public data we can track his travel movements.

Each time he logs on, they're logging his web trail - how long he stays on, what he talks about.

The marketing team attached to Cloverfield- JJ Abrams secretive film project have seen his comments and chat-history.

They've crossed referenced with a google index they've invented matched to a trust index.

He knows his films, science fiction e.g Children of Men, Alias, Mission Impossible, so he gets a free review ticket through the post.

Do you know who you are

He might even be a Cool Hunter.

See article on Film here

Marketeers used them extensively in the 80s to pump brands; the cool kid in the block.

Whatever he wore others followed.

Now he simply goes about his business.

But Amazon knows his preferences, Apple know he buys the latest Mac; third parties from tech sites send him review cards.

The professional critics days may be numbered, but not him.

He clusters around like minded people and as he matures by 2015 he is the new net superstar - simply by being.

Simply by understanding how it all works.

And then came the Semantic web

Oh boy

Happy Xmas - as David takes time out with family and friends.

Many happy returns.

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