Thursday, December 13, 2007

A career in television

Yer don't have to be a woman to know this. Hands up those of you after watching this go... "yeaaahh" I know people jus like dat".

Yeah me!

I mean that was me

One of the shows I worked on, the producer was the son of an MP.

He got a wopping life long contract.

And he was a l**** **^%£%£d

At the house of a former commissioner, she noted her daughter was dilligently working her way through tele and that everyone was pleased with her progress so much so the phone was ringing of the hook for her to return.

"Clever girl.... I wonder why"

But lets not be cynical or bitter because....

"Wot! Your'e going to give me a payrise and promotion if I don't post this".

Er I don't work in tele any longer .. doh!

Here's an angry reflection rant based on that great TV question from your boss.. where would you like to be in 5 yers time

Thanks to BBC's Paul Brannan for posting across our Facebook.

er p.s don't forget to watch the other Charlie clips like this

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