Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Web 2.0 plus journalists

Hi David,

I jotted down a short list of items that we might want to talk about for our pod this Friday. Let me know what you think?

Web-Analytics and SEO:
- integration into publishing platforms
- Promotion of content
- tools that the PR industry uses to track online conversation, ie.
Buzz and how that might influence journalists

Datamining and Mashups:
- the role of journalists as explainers
- how to do effective datamining ie. Database journalism
- Mashup editors and how they can be used by journalists to explain
complex/data heavy subjects

Mobile Content.
I did something in this space just after we talked on monday. That
afternoon/evening I created a new service called SemaCard. When you
get a business card you only keep it until you have transcribed the
information into your electronic addressbook. That's a very tedious
process. Here's how you improve that whole process: Have you seen
those 2D barcodes (their called Semacodes)? They look kind of like a
mosaic. You generate one for yourself at my website, print it onto a
card and the next time you want to give someone your contact details
heres what you do:
They take a picture of the semacode and email it to
The system recognizes the barcode and replies with the contact details
which you can immediately add to your address book.
Now I'm thinking of expanding that concept to any content at all. Say
you create a semacode for a youtube video. If you take a picture of
that and send it to the above address you will get the video back, if
its for a song you get the MP3. Essentially what we have here is an
easy way to enter a URL on a phone.


Bloody Marvelous mate - blinding


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