Friday, December 14, 2007

BBC faux pas

BBC News runs an item about people who ring the emergency services for the most bizarre requests.

"Er is that 999? Perhaps you can tell me what the time is?"

"Is that the police? Perhaps you can help me, is there a post office near by?".

Perhaps if we fined these imbeciles or put them in the slammer for 24 hours, they'd come to their sense about what the services are there for.

And whilst we're doing that, perhaps we could fine Fiona Bruce - the BBC news presenter as well.

She thought it was dead funny and laughed at the incredulity of the news item.

Call me a spoil sport, but I doubt that's the response emergency chiefs were hoping for.

Quids on, the services get innundated with these moronic calls, on the basis that hey, if you do get on BBC News it's considered funny.

"Iis that the emergency services? If I'm really stoopid and say something crass like where can I buy some bathroom paper; I have run out of bathroom paper you see and it's pretty late, can you make sure I get on the BBC?"

Yeah funny!

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