Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Future Programming Now

This is interesting.

It's the back page of the Guardian newspaper beckoning readers to fill in this makeshift scheduling menu with the raft of quality programmes Virgin Media cable has to offer.

Now why can't I pick out the programmes I want from an I-phone or similar device.

That way I can either watch them on the handheld or if I wanted to watch them at home send a data request form to my TV which puts my chosen programmes into a holding pen ready to go when i'm in

Do that and we won't only avoid turkeys this Christmas but all year around


Cliff said...

I think we're part way there mate.

Media center computers running Linux MCE (for us PC folks) along with the MAC Mini and Apple TV, allow this kind of thing at least for the home. The challenge is how to deliver content to all these portable devices that are being utilized more and more on a daily basis. This is where the Internet Broadcasting initiative that Adobe is pushing is going to make inroads - now the technology of delivering said content at a cost effective rate is the next big hurdle as far as I can see.

The potential for creating and broadcasting alternative informational programming with some of these tools is going to blow the door wide open for content distribution in the very near future - something you have been espousing since I first found your site.

Cliff Etzel

Dr David Dunkley Gyimah said...

Sacre Bleu :)