Thursday, December 06, 2007

Grrrrrrr Network reporters

What is it about network reporters who get a dose of lyrical diarrhoea when it comes to reporting tragic shooting?


This recent case, in the US, raises the spectre again of a cruel fixation of news by the insecure versus news' clamour to report.

He the gunman wants to be famous, but he won't be around to experience this warped sense of fame.

That wicked legacy is foisted on the viewers.

Could the media engineer a media boycott, which would send a message to any other disturbed soul contemplating this evil crime?

You'd hope so.

"Ladies and gentlemen we were going to report on this because it's news, but we've changed out focus to look at those who are suffering, rather than the perpetrator of this string of violence looking for publicity."

It'll never happen

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