Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Web 3.0 -and beyond

"Facebook, YouTube and the other social networks and blogs ... are but a pixel in a much larger picture", says the Times Online in an article looking at web 3.0.

Quoted at length from a presentation is Nova Spivack, founder of Radar Networks, a leading Web 3.0 company, who revives an idea which Tim Berners Lee proferred - The Semantic Web.

* The Internet will have a brain
* Changes in Net technolgy will accelerate oscilating between back end and front end.

Trend extrapolation based on present scenario modelling lends huge weight to these and the work of several science fiction writers.

Viewmagazine. TV contributor Doug Hughes raised some interesting variables in this feature for Viewmag saying:

"In a Web 3.0 Minority Report world however, artificially intelligent machines will mine user generated databases parsing trillions of bits of information linking them semantically and returning information in a way more closely resembling the human mind".

In film and TV we glimpsed a future at the UK's Film Council Digital Summit- which they asked me to convene . I'm yet to see it in practice, but delivering films with multiple strand plots that intelligently or by choice flip from one direction to another sounds an engaging prospect.

Question: Will it be called the web anymore, if this thing becomes a sentient of some nature?

Short promo piece here. Spot the typo

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