Thursday, October 11, 2007

Post meld

Just got back from Manchester and Meld. Posting intro video of Andy Dickinson and Paul Egglestone very soon, but saw this on Andy's blog.

What the authorities should be doing here, which we do with NATO is put reporters into the sim.

Go to the Masters programme of your nearest or top journalism school and let loose the students so they can report from within the theatre of combat warts n' all.

I spent 18 months reporting from South Arica during its troubled time, and looking back on the more recent Nato reporting excercise I can tell you it it would have helped me no end on my real assignment.

Understanding stripes (ranking); three letter acronyms (Forces language); what not to do in theatre i.e. no room for histrionics actions and reportage; risk assessments about your own safety and the use of video journalism field editing and sat back packs - are just a few of the elements to look at.

One sim I experienced was so real world frightening, using Special Forces, that a student broke down crying.

So go set up the relationship Northwestern's Medill School, Columbia and the Missouri School of Journalism.

And if you need any assistance pleae do drop me a line :)

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