Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Rendition - shoting styles and braodcasting

Directed by Gavin Hood, Rendition, a taut thriller ( nice site and use of masks as well) stars Reese Witherspoon, Meryl Streep and Jake Gyllenhaal around the much-publicised practice of carting off foreign nationals for interrogation on foreign soil.

As highlighted on BBC Radio 4's Saturday review, there was a healthy tension between the director and DOP about camera movement. Should it hover, stay where it is, or adopt this evolving "dirty shooting" art form - so prevalent in Bourne.

Yesteday Channel 4 News, where I freelanced for four years towards the 2000, indicated its intentions with this new style by featuring a story about education, with all the hallmarks of the camera being the subject.

Channel 4 News has always been about innovation and risk, so I hope they continue.

Where the VJ element of this adds further to the story is extreme personalisation.

Storytelling has invariably sought to tell the story through someone, to give it empathy and meaning.

Vjism - the size of the cameras, the nature of the vj, and stories element, gives an edge to really get a personalised view of the story at hand.

We're seeing two broad forms emerging then.

VJ made for TV - using the same TV language but with one person - sounds like a cost element could drive this.

Or Vj as is own fluid language, were personliasation opens the story further, with potential fast follow ups and the ability to keep the story going.

Going back to Radio 4. Guys I love the programme. But it would be a good idea if

a) you didn't give the plot away
b) or say something like. . . ( Right I won't say that either otherwise it might ruin your viewing experience.

Just stop it Saurday Review

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