Saturday, October 13, 2007

Blog call around

Collection of deeply engaging stories from Multimedia shooter site

Watch FilmMakersInResidence - Health issues - Reminds me of one of Michael Rosenblum's first early series about hospital traumas. This is multiple access film making at its best

At war which sees a a former National Guard soldier now film maker, Scott Kesterson behind the lines for a year in Afghanistan Pulitzer David Leeson is producer/Editor. Raw real stuff reminiscent of US drama "Overthere"

At teaching online journalism Mindy Mcadams opens up a disco on storytelling Connection: The core of storytelling, and deconstructs producing digi-stories on Multimedia package: Fat kids.
Mindy's site is a favourite pull up in our Masters online journalism class. Ta.

At Boston's SND Visual Editors Robb Montgomery hands over his mic to a student Nina Mehta whose pod discusses the transition and issues from print to mm stories.

At Peter Ralph's shooting by numbers- value added video Lily Allen stubs something on a photographer's camera. What's more intriguing Lily's actions or the small digi-cam mounted on the photographers stills cam?

Plus techniques on improving your shooting skills

More round ups coming up


Andy Dickinson said...

I saw that picture of the camcorder mounted on the stills cam as well. Did a bit of searching around and couldn't find a 'product' for it.

Very intriguing set up though.

I did find some interesting ideas around though. What about this for a real piece of over engineering

Dr David Dunkley Gyimah said...

yeah isn't that set up something.
Some ingenuity.

re Quad-pods, It's amazing what some people will build. Though I have often thought about two cams together - bit like a bolex - so I could cu/and w/s in real time multiple cam shoot.