Monday, October 29, 2007

Guardian Films in Baghdad

Quite extraordinary film on The Guardian Newspaper site from Baghdad by its award-winning photographer and filmmaker Sean Smith.

Sean spent two months with the US troops who speak freely and with resignation about the futility of what they're doing.

Before you click the link though, caution, there are some very harrowing scenes in this, which The Guardian would be advised to warn viewers as well.

Here's the link Inside the Surge, part one

You won't see this on television. Ofcom wouldn't allow, but this is extols the strength of pushing responsible journalism within the online platform for newspapers.

The Guardian could also offer this as a HD for Apple TV and the rest.

It is a mind gnawing film.

I came across it looking for examples of multimedia journalism.

By dint of mixing film and photos you could argue it is, but it's presented in linear form, when it has several entry points that could benefit from emerging multimedia presentation.

That way also you could present various interfaces, ensuring viewers ie students or otherwise find their appropriate experience.

As a VJ, I have never filmed in Baghdad and anyone that has ( see multimedia shooter for examples) is deserving of deference.

Couple of things as a VJ I might have changed, but Sean does a great job in what is one of the most extreme of conditions

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