Tuesday, October 16, 2007

BBC job cuts

Huge cuts set to take place at the BBC.

On the 10 O'clock news its media correpondent Nick Higham set out where the cuts would be.

500 jobs in BBC News - that's a lot of jobs.

But also new ones created in New Media.

It sounded like a strange comment.

job cuts, but also creating new jobs.

It's cold comfort for anyone losing their jobs, but it appears the Director General has put part of his future strategy in this evolving media.

This and a raft of proposals go to the Trustees on Wednesday.

These measures will have wide ranging inpact on the industry at large

1. Media figures wil, depending if the cuts go ahead in light of union reaction, want to know whether the BBC can operate on its new slim line figure.

2. The usual musical chairs and shuffle that creates inevitable jobs at all sectors including new blood may well be affected.

3. It may also signal what sort of employee the BBC is looking for in the future, which in turn may give some ideas to other media execs.

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