Saturday, October 20, 2007

Photography & Videojournalism Tip 163

Something that I have wanted to mention for a while. The pros here will already know this so er, sorry!

But here goes: If you're taking snaps of someone/something at an event, don't be afraid to hold the clicker down and fire off at least 5 shots.

I'm always intrigued by people who take that one shot. Perhaps they've a lot of belief in their skills.

For us mortals, frame the shot and snap. Snap again, and again and again.

It's digital and won't cost you anything more than a couple more seconds viewing.

And if this hasn't happended to you already you'll be amazed at how a miniscule shift in your subject will nail the shot you were after. Look out in particular for "action" shots - an event in midflight with all the accompanying gestures.

This applies to video journalism but with bizarrely shooting less, so survey the scene, catch the movement in the frame. Movement helps drive the narrative and then shoot away.

Don't be afraid to reshoot a scene again, if its' not right.

Often I do this so fast that the subject's unaware that I made a mistake and am reshooting. Yep that's when the slightly modified question to your last answer reares itself again.

p.s finally fixed that CSS glitch on Viewmagazine

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