Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Conservatives Promo - Saving the world

To a techno beat ( modernity); where's Vaughn Williams ??, the conservatives promo is a goody bag extoling a changing Britain under their office.

Fact? The streets of Soweto are safer than Hackney? That's pulling some comparison, based of course on crime, but its arguable whether all crime is recorded in the Township. I'm not suggesting it's less safe, just, perhaps the stretch of statistics.

It was produced for delegates so no doubt would have raised a few shrieks of delight and woopees. However as a promo for the masses, it does an Obama.

Not out of the US presidential race yet, but belatedly Obama has been obscuring his message with a wide splattering of "what he would do", rather than some laser precision hits.

The end tag for the tories is the old Clinton play: "Its time for change".

But what would be more effective for weary waverers would be a number of spots, illustrating Cameron's visions.

If the next election is at least two years off, I wager it will be a different landscape for the video's influence in the UK.

Meaning the parties will really have to work harder differentiating micro communities if they want to appeal to new constituents.

p.s whoever wrote the code for this, if they want it distributed through blogs needs a smack. Change the code!

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