Saturday, October 13, 2007

Facing the press - up close and personal

England meet France for semi-final place in the World Cup
Often working this side, you forget what it's like when you approach people for stories or even doorstep.

I recall working at Channel One and my editor Peter instructing me to doorstep a government minister who it was alleged was having an affair.

I got into a conversation with a Pap - weathered beaten skin, he asked me: "Are you a monkey, a snapper or distorter?" ie a lensman or a journalist.

Charming eh, how each regards their own

I never did like door stepping.

Lately, I'm feeling similar - nerv emotions - for my uncle and aunt.

In the last fortnight since their son Paul Sackey cut shreds on the rugby playing fields of the World Cup, they have had almost all the press in some form on ther door step.

The first to turn up at the door was the industrious News of the World, followed by . . . and then the Evening Standard.

Media management may sound like a sexy topic in theory, but in practice it's the management also of people, their expectations and that of the client.

With England on the top of their game, it's likely there's going to be more than enough press attention to go round, but the captain and star players share a special place on the press podium.

Every one's going to be nice to you. That's their job. But also beware of sliding door effect.

If you read former Capatain Will Carling's account in one of the papers last week you'll know what I mean.

I'm noticing some interesting things so far.

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