Thursday, October 25, 2007

How to become an all round web journalist

It doesn't say so on the cover and it may not be available on the shelf if you're in the US, but one of the best magazines for journalists is Web Designer.

The mag mixes features from next generation web e.g. to tutorials on dreamweacer css and how to set up word press blog.

Admittedly it will be the odd journalist working news to subscribe to something like this so tech orientated, but if you want to know what's brewing before it shows up, magazines like this one can be enormously helpful.

One of the first I susbcribed to was Computer Arts back in the 90s picking up issue 3. Computer Arts is now a huge brand, but has lost some of its appeal for me in mixing plain speaking informative articles with broadly speaking easy-to-understand-w work.

That said Computer Arts were the first to showcase my videojournalism reel, in 2002, so clearly understood liked tha aestheticism with VJ.

At 5.99 Web Designer is a tad pricey.

That's the Economist, Time Magazine, The World Today and some.

But it does from time to time fully justify its cost with an array of content.

There isn't as far as I know a magazine which treads through both camps journalism and the web exulting the new, old and exciting.

Perhaps with the new found maturity there should.

That said with the pace of change, there's more than enough online journo/ educators underscoring this new frontier; see online for its all time favourite websites.

The ones I have previosuly come across in Computer Arts, which I truly loved.

Yugo P one of the acclaimed masters of flash

Playstation's doc noire

Just plain violence, but some interactivity

Film Saab site, which I plan something similar soon

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