Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Collaborative journalism

In speaking at MELD today, 20 mins or so, here's more or less what I think I'd like to talk about

* Collaborative journalism
Despite massive changes in production, I feel collaborative journalism should be a big deal, but reflecting the sign of our times.

I mentioned this at Circom ( gathering of EU regional Television) that it was possible to become a jack of all trades and master as well.

Why not?

That's the whole point of multiskilling

And frankly the demise of traditional media that some hoped for will not materialise, as those that have adapted have found a new lease of life and audiences.

But there is a working relationship, not fully realised between the traditional and new, between using the miltary analogy a division about a 20,000 fighting force and a fire and maneuver team - 2 soldiers.

You could argue that traditional media already does with correspondents.

Part of my goal is to use technology and the net to look inside news and personalised programmes, and as such we'd do best to move away from the: If it's not broken why fix it.

This very thought hampers any semblance of experimentation and progress - one reason I suppose that last few years have a huge shock for the media.

Any successful CEO will talk to you about diversifying and trying to stay ahead of the competition

The disruption that's just occured has been brutal but many have been fortunate. The next technological wave may not give fixed thinkers time and space to realign and bring their audiences back into the fold.

More recently some of the methodologies I have been looking at closely within our field is
historical vectoring, Future Casting, Trend Extrapolation, and Scenario building, and based around that I think we'll have a few more disruptive processes in the short years ahead.

One question for instance dogs me. Why is the web an xyz medium presented to use in 2d? Which is why Second Life presents an interesting scenario.

And why are we still fixed to a method and construct of info flows that are being challenged by modern methods.. just some of the things I'm likely to raise with some new work

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Cliff said...

Greetings David,

You raise some interesting points. I do believe that it comes in ripples - this drastic change occurring that we ascribe to.

I've been approached by an indie producer to shoot a series for Chinese Broadcast that will be devoted to shooting 20 minute segments on the underwater world utilizing the Solo VJ paradigm. I'm pretty excited to say the least as it will provide a solid platform by which to espouse the Solo VJ paradigm to the detractors.

Give me a shout via email when you get a chance - I want to seek some input from you about this... :-)

Cheers mate!

Cliff Etzel