Monday, October 15, 2007

How to get ideas

Just how do you transform yourself into an ideas factory.
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Anonymous said...

Great stuff, David. Once again I might ad :-) This thing Alison is talking about is right down our alley at the UPDATE Institute in Denmark. How to get ideas and how to nurse you precious and creative brain to keep spawning them.

I'm going to pass the URL's (blog and website article) around the institute and to our nextdoor neighbour, The Danish School of Journalism. Might be a line or two in my blog too (

Keep it up David, dagnammit :-)

Cliff said...

The comment about people getting ideas by being immersed in water hit close to home for me (luv the term you gave in your recent email - Immersive Video Journalist)

Thanks for your recent feedback on the emails I sent.


Cliff Etzel