Friday, October 05, 2007

Filming in London

I have it on good authority, the Press Association's legal eagle Mike Dodd that City of London police have no grounds to stop you from filming in the city unless that is you're causing an obstruction, nuisance , public safety aong those lines.

But too often crews/VJs are being stopped.

Mike has already sought clarification from the City of London's press office, but I'll post the latest which he's looking into.

I have been stopped a couple of times and the police have been quite adamant that no filming is allowed unless you have prior permission.

According to Dodds, the police have no jurisdiction on public highways unless a criminal event and the aforementioned is talking place. HRH owns the roads in the City et al.

But try saying this to the next PC that wants to confiscate your camera and send you to the nick, after you refuse to stop filming.

There is a magic word you should pronounce. Coming soon.

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