Sunday, November 16, 2008

What is videojournalism -design aesthetic

Video Journalism = motion graphics + photography+ multimedia + cinema + television+ radio + online users' behaviour * dx

I comped this in photoshop - a sort of x-ray vision within a multiplicity of cameras inspired by the Futurists and pal, Rob Chiu.

In the hands of a toddler a paint brush becomes an amazing source for expressionism. Then as we grow technique is introduced. And often from that technique, self expressionism is subdued.

The Brazilians, we all acknowledge play expressive football ( soccer). We Brits play technical football, sometimes blindingly, sometimes not so well which is why we have an Italian manager Fabio Capello to brings some flare.

We provide structure and boundaries to those we train/ teach to give form. This is the beginning, the middle and the end. It provides comfort; closure. It staves of anarchy.

But it does and must not exclude tapping into our dexterity for seeking the original, new ways and manners at accomplishing fresh challenges.

Thank goodness and Tim Berners Lee that the Net was let loose as a free-for-all. Now if only the Brazillians could have invented Video Journalism?

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