Sunday, November 30, 2008

Are you a blogging linguist - Chapeau blogawards blogohpedia

Chapeau blogawards blogohpedia are looking for new and exciting words to do with the nomenclature of blogging and those that get accepted are given an opportunity to take part in the 2009 Chapeau Blog Awards competition.

So far some of the entries include:

  • Blogcott - Boycott of a product or activity initiated on a blog and spread throughout the blogosphere by linking from one blog to another.
  • Bloggernaut - One who spends a great deal of time in blogland
  • Togger - A blogger who blogs about clothes and fashions.
  • and my own 5 O'clock alpha waves thinking, Vlog Butterfly.

There's still a number of letters that need submissions, as well as existing ones that could do with that oft-thought obscure word, such as blagger, which I would have thought is a blogger who's very persuasive at getting their own way.

BTW it's also a Brit term around the same description.

or TWOCKER - a crim reference in the UK, but would do as a blogger taking without consent.

Anyways here's their details. Better hurry up as it's complementary before the 1st december for getting your word in and entering the awards

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