Sunday, November 09, 2008

Obama effect - journalism

In the UK, the media would like to point out to the political establishment that if Obama were a Brit he wouldn't stand a rat's whisker getting into power.

It's the way our political structure is set up you see. Meritocracy exist in the English dictionary next to Machiavelli.

But I have a broader question, because invariably the press rarely does its own navel gazing.

So could the Obama effect have a knock on effect for a different form of media - one driven by the people, who rally behind someone extoling a different type of journalism?

One that's bottom up rather than trickle down. Good piece in Time Magazine this week, that hits on Obama's electoral success.

It's not that skin colour was exclusively the stealer.

We're doomed. You only have to audit the press here to hear how Obama's introed.

Vote Joseph Harker
Personally I'd vote Joseph Harker over at the Guardian managing Comment is Free.

Journalism is as corporate as Politics, big establishments dictating the show - that is until recently with the surge of blogs and independent voices.

But is that shift in journalism as seismic as Obama's politics. Could there really be a time when a new crop of super sites emerge usurping the interests in the established media?

I know we're comparing apples and pears, but it's a thought none the less.

There is something to be said about diversity and pluralism and that's for conservatives as much for liberals.

Yep the Obama effect eh... We the poeple, we the media - Dan Gillmor!

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