Sunday, November 09, 2008

Belkin router woes

I join millions of brothers and sisters in router's arms; caught out by the sudden rash of Belkin router gone mad.

Simply put. One day it was working fine and then the next, it need three daily reboots. I'll be lucky to get away with this post.

Then I spoke to my ISP, who then reliably informed me, it was not an isolated occurrence.

But despite his good help, I couldn't make heads or tails of his advice.

"Oh you need to download a firmware"

So then I went online and save becoming a human chain in the growing unrest at Belkin, I empathised with a few entries, clearly saw myself and then set about Belkin's website.

No joy...

But lurking somewhere was a number and details to call, which I did.

It was duly answered and I have to say the operator at the end was very helpful taking me step by step through their protocols, until that is we hit a snag, she couldn't resolve.

"Ok sir I'm going to have to get one of my colleagues to ring you back?"
" Er would you, cuz I really need to be online.. when will that be ?"
It pays in these instances to be extra nice.
"Today!", she answered.

Scar bleu - they rang back
Twenty minutes later someone else rang who was a bit alarmed when I answered the phone immediately saying.. "are you from Belkin? "

"Noo, don't worry I spluttered, I'm not from intel or something [Chuckle].. [chuckle]".

He was also very patient and after half an hour he decided this was an interminable problem that would require a new Belkin.

So he's sent me the code for a replacement, which I'll send off tomorrow.

Only thing I'm worried about is whether the new one when it arrives, how long till it goes bonkers.

But anyway Belkin were very helpful.

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