Thursday, May 15, 2008

When robots run the news

Did it worry the CEO of Publishing Zeal that robots now controlled the news? Did it worry the millions of hooked up webbers that their lives we're being controlled by algorithims? Did the last major news company to throw in the towel reflect on the glorious days of old?

"Hey bill we ran that ****ing hegemony for a damn good while"
"Yeah we did Jim. Yes we did".

Various government's have now instituted laws requiring we pay for hyper-noise pollution, as the air screeches of high pitch auto bots sampling data at trillions per seconds to filter, disseminate and posit "the news" onto nano-receptors you can get sown implanted into your cochlea.

Computer screens are flat radiating light without any discernible way of functioning by today's standards.

So what happened in 2011 - a big fight that's what. One controllng system ( media of old) had finally relented to a new controlling system ( everyone else who passed info). Blogging passed off into the web 2.0 lexicon replaced by something else.

When something becomes so natural, so commonplace it ceases to have a zeitgeist name that, actually sounded so clumsy and wierd on reflection that it's any wonder the sex industry didn't invent it.

So the media of old wanted to get even, because the new contollers by spit and polish had effected a coup de tat - thrown them of their perches.

But the fact is how do we trust one new system from anothe?. Just because you whizz into the upper echelons of Technorati and Xanaysia does not neccesarily mean what's being passed around is any more news worthy than today.

Britney spears still draws huge hits even when there's mass destruction elsewhere.

No, intelligent bots, a re-incarnated max headroom; a combination of wierd maths-science by affiliations and associations. Some super bloggers who discovered they had power had no guilt abusing that.

'Pay me and I'll tell your news".

Others became the 6th estate, twittering and chironing so fast, a move on from twittering, that they became demi-gods.

But the new robots had a plan, intelligent software oscilloscoped news' patternining and determined via its make up and content a quality threshold. Favoured string bits would reassemble into other videos via deep links. The mediocre became the best of the best.

It's the equivalent of an agency package e.g APTN, sent to a broadcaster in which 3/4 of the content is derived from various sources. Now robots automatically run the show and the people controlling the robots - siblings from the newsmakers of old.

They, the old guard lost generation 2010, but were not going to go quietly, so a summit, a secret gathering in 2009 yielded "sarah". Their charges took stock. Video and text with it's own wierd alogorithm morphed to cater for your tastes.

Everyone wanted it because it gave you the exact fix you wanted. It was like putting pop corn in the microwave and seeing a steak when it pinged.

When robots run the news, a consequence of the media of old wanting the limelight again, everything costs.

Net neutrality is a pipe dream. Soon as you go webside, the clocks ticking; soon as you leap to another network with no prior agreement cuz yer wanted to see Kylie's world of wonder, your credit's being eaten away.

When robots run the news eh! Better put alco-pops down.

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