Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Training the Trainer

It's one of those facts of life, once we require knowledge we endeavor to share with others. In journalism, those that are sent of for videojournalism training often become the trainer-in-residence for the rest of the team and group as well.

It's not uncommon for a newly minted video journalist to be given a few scores of people to train.

More often than not that training will be adequate, but consider the converse, at university what usually takes a lecture-student learning relationship a good many weeks is condensed into a few days within the commercial sector.

Which is how training the trainer will be a feature that I intend to talk about at the forth coming Video journalism Camp and in Sweden's World Newspaper Association.

What can we do to strengthen the hand of VJs turned trainers?
Do they needed added training, beyond what we deliver in those few days?
And how do they motivate their colleagues?
And how can recently graduated journalists feedback into the cycle to aid the next intake?

Just some of the things I hope to report on in the coming weeks

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