Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Video Journalism Revolution on Viewmagazine.tv

Video Journalism Revolution is a personal and fairly comprehensive account of Video Journalism in the UK.

It includes:

  • 1992 BBC Reportage - we shot with Hi8s but did not call it Videojounalism
  • 1994 Channel One TV - in which I have located the doc
  • 1997 Channel 4 News where I did some Vjing and made some international stories
  • 1997 Taking Video journalism to Africa ( Ghana and South Africa)
  • 2000+ Speaking at the BBC's Nations and Region's launch of videojournalism
  • Training the first newspaper VJs in the UK and the Telegraph's super multimedia VJs with the Press Association
  • to advising the Financial Times.

    In between I have used video journalism working with Lennox Lewis the heavyweight boxer, Making ads screened on CNN International with John Staton Productions ( ex Saatchi head of TV), a deep wreck expedition in the Dardanelles, conflict reportage in Ghana and for Nato.

    And recently Camp video journalism in Chicago and soon in Virtual Platform worlds.

    There are aspects of news making that directly feed into Video journalism's swift turn around and editing on the fly, which I learned working at World Wide Television News agency, now APTV.

    They had the formula for packaging down to the second. I have recently located some of those foreign stories and will post.

    Meanwhile on Viewmgazine.tv it's the 1st of January 1996 and I have drawn the short straw. Channel One was so about multi skilling that many Vjs also presented the news.

    There's no one behind the camera by the way and you controlled the auto cue with your foot.

    On this package Jon Gilbert, now a much respected reporter on ITV gives gives a good illustration of a videojournalist on top of his game reporting from Trafalgar Square.

    See what you think?
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