Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Uher- Media Objects of Desire

My Mp3 dictaphone may fit into my mouth. Hey I might even be able to swallow it, if I'm in a bind.

The Marantz and Sony may be blinders for pulling in good ol' fashion radio quality sounds, but nothing, nothing comes close to the Uher.

Here I could go into chapter and verse about its background but that would only bore you.

Suffice to say, it occupies a very nostalgic and sentimental place in my heart; a bit like my LPs.

The Uher weighed the equivalent of a small baby: awkward (you had to sling it over your shoulder); cumbersome (you had wires trailing you); yet durable, you could drop it on the floor and it still did its job.


With a small plate that accompanied it, you could slice and dice your reel to make your package on location before using crocodile clips attached to your phone to send it down the line. I know that because I remember doing it.

Later on I took the much easier path and sent the package over ISDN.

The Uher. Built like a VW. Dependable and reliable, using up 6C batteries a go, and reels that make us all seem rather ancient.

It is my media object of desire.

Now if only they could make the digital version.

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