Monday, May 12, 2008

future tv camp vj

A friend from one of the US' big networks ( Nope can't mention them) dropped me a line. Things are pretty dire he says with no clear strategy for this digital future.

Having content is great, but if your constituents don't find it "cool". I'm playing on Mcluhan's Hot-Cool notion, then you're a gonner.

Here's some observations which I'll process into a empirical data about brand awareness, programming and the likes.

Here's the odd bullet point

  • It's nay impossible to control the digital mushroom cloud. There are just too many players with different programming variants. In the 70s and 80s with a finite number of media and primacy of emerging programme/ news statisticians you could give baby boomers what they wanted. The market, whatever that is, is a series of tails.

  • American idol, Gladiators, Oliver - the big reality progs are the money and audience deliverers, but they're few and far between. The dilemma also is do we flood the channel and risk a backlash or play it safe? Alternatively should we buy one of the shelf, but how do we know it's going to be a hit? The net provides some answers here in Second Shift aeshetics.

  • Every department needs a futures lab. What's happening now is good, what's happening tomorrow is worthwhile investing in, and what's happening in the future is the stuff of model simulation and the Delphi proceedure amongst others.

  • Programmes can no longer rest on their laurels as unitary packages. Those triple plays you once discarded combine to keep an audience in your loop.

  • At Camp VJ we showed how we could push into the realms of high end creative programme and news making. That coupled with creative data minning gives us the ability to respond fast to Hot programmes.
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    Cliff said...

    BL**DY hell - I wished I could have come to Chicago!!!

    Please tell me you're going to be doing another one in the very near future mate! I need some creative guidance/inspiration on this stuff - feels like I'm going about this blindly.

    Watched your Camp VJ video on VizEds - nice work once again!


    Cliff Etzel - Solo Video Journalist