Wednesday, May 28, 2008

What the news would look like ?

The Delphi principle, Trend extrapolation and Simulation modeling provide some clues.

Then there's the unexpected.

What would news or video look like beyond 2012 is a mug's game many will deride, for no one knows with any degree of certainty, but there are some visual clues from which a whole slew of interested parties are crunching ideas and figures.

In an article for, I'll be pulling together an array of interviews and material I have gleaned from talking to many people, combined with my media and academic career which includes more recently research notes from my Phd and a feedback survey.

Apple, very kindly featured some of these views on their site: the Outernet and public digital displays for calling up the news.

The notion of accelerated news or even video hyperlinking which had a wee shout in The Economist gives more control to users: deep linking video in real time deconstructing the idea of the self contained news package.

Much of the video journalism paradigm today played out 14 years ago with the launch of the UK's first and only dedicated videojournalism channel, and the rare footage I have located gives some perspective for media and academics.

And in the vaults of the BBC from the 60s, more interesting stuff.

What the news and media will look like - I'm just finishing off before the World Association of Newspapers congress

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