Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Tips for online students entering on the job market

You might be a budding broadcaster, even destined for the heights of national newspaper journalism, but along the way you'll cross the path of online production, and probbaly ignore it. Stop and pause a minute.

If its newspaper cutting you're trying to get to the atention of your intended editor, he/she's hardly going to read it in from this glossy mag you've sent, at least for now.

And that broadcast piece, DVDs are out of the question and while Youtube saves all, it's compression can often be so ropey as to diminish the experience.

You've got a blog. Good and it's driving traffic, but you're mainly engaging on your page, rather than challenging other discourses elsewhere.

Your website, well do you really need one?
And what's it for?
How do you get underneath the nose of an editor?
And what exactly goes into your showreel?

These may seem like intricate question, but merely requires an application of common tought. Then again, you'll get that job as many students do year on year without the aid of anything remotely online.

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