Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Heaveyweight boxing - made in Flash 4

To start: press screen. To Stop Press Screen. I have programmed it so on the second play, you'll get the music accompanying it

I have started to dig out some of the things that got me excited in the late 90s/early 2000 and this was one of them

I'd been using Flash 2/3 since 1998ish.

Whilst on Flash 4, I made a short animated film with a superb flash designer, Rosalind which caught the attention of the Heavyweight boxer Lennox Lewis.

We almost built his site for him. That fell through, but the team did ask me to join them as:

  • a videojournalist
  • a Writer
  • and making Flash promos.

    Few journalists knew what Flash was, let alone had used it. But Lennox's lot got it immediately. I made two promos over a couple of days, one of which is at the top of this page.

    The beauty with them is that they're light. At around 200k because I'm only using about five images ( there's no video in this.)

    That meant I could (automated) email this to fans etc on what was then predominately 56k and 28k modems.

    Also we could hide easter eggs inside so after the 100th play it sent you to a site where you could win an award. (That's been disabled now)

    Whilst back then we just got on with it "oh what fun?"

    Now, there's a real sense of what next about it, which translates here s IMVJ: Integrated Multimedia Video Journalism.
    That is combining video journalism and multimedia.

    I'll dig some more work out of the vaults and talk about how I made them in the future.
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