Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Video with journalism, more so now.

What does it take to implement a regular video feed in a newspaper with little or no background in videojournalism, askeed The editors web log ?

The bullet points below, which I'm due to expand upon/modify. If your're going to be at the World Editors Association gathering in Sweden I'll see you then.

A forum has been launched for the gathering, but I'd look forward to meeting just as well.


  • managers and staff must discuss and agree on how they want to use video in their paper. VJ requires neither a complete overturn of internal organization nor a complex (and costly) IT infrastructure.

  • Don’t venture into VJ if you’re simply aiming to cut costs and because video has been defined as a priority. Doing the opposite will result in a cheap product that turns users away.

  • Invest in equipment to build an “updated inventory,” as opposed to typical newspaper assets, which are relatively old. These investments don’t have to be extensive. In some cases a video camera and editing software are just what it takes.

    Below are Dunkley’s recommendations for equipment, although he insists that any lightweight HD camera, PC and film editing software will do for beginners. Flash Media software is more esthetic than Windows Media Player or Quicktime, but all have the same basic functionality.

    More here
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