Friday, May 30, 2008

Suffer for your Video journalism art - Students!

He was bedridden with malaria, thugs beat him up on the street leaving him badly bruised and his companion in need of medical attention, he was twice arrested by police.

At the airport he says official tried to bar his departure claiming he falsely entered the country as a journalist.

All this for the sake of a final postgraduate film project.

My trusted ex-student, now a dear friend, and occasionally behind-the-scene shooter on VJ assignments Don Omope had an idea for an assignment.

It was bold, but if he was careful, followed a few cautionary procedures he might be alright.

On the night of his departure he dropped by to see me.

'Be careful", I advised, "it's a bit ambitious and the subject will make people wary".

Don was going to Nigeria. Don, who is British, lived and schooled in Nigeria. That wouldn't mean a thing.

In fact he says officials viewed him with disdain, an enemy amongst them selling the country down.

When we spoke today, it sounded like something out of a teen horror flick.

He acknowledges that everyone told him what he ought not to do, but that was cold comfort. He was set upon and beaten. His driver intervened and had to be taken to hospital where with what little money Don had was used to take care of his companion.

"Don't film in he streets I said, you'll get arrested". He did and got arrested.

Don starts editing his film today. We're all holding our breath to see the footage.

This is one student who has definitely suffered for that video journalism art.

NB You'll notice I haven't mentioned what the film is about yet. I'll reveal that with his first draft edit.

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