Friday, February 20, 2009

When videos go Viral

The latest to screech across the net's highways is, yes Cadbury's chocolate again.

Them folks have a habit of doing this, following successfully on from their Gorilla video.

Around 1999, whilst working for an old Ad hand, Ex Saatchi Jon Staton, we had one visit from the brains behind the Viral factory.

It was a trite difficult then to see how you could provide off the shelf ads, which could then be tailored for your brand.

But we quickly learned. How do you catch the zeitgeist? Innovation of a kind that surprises, runs against the grain of imitation, and at best may look naturally spontaneous.

Virals put you on the map, harnessing the star dust that follows is another matter.

Net superstar Matt Harding, did well out of his dance across the world, "Where the hell is Matt?" - an ambitious one off. But could he do the same for a company and frankly does he want to?

Is it a about being funny, passing something on or as the word suggest getting people talking about you. Once people catch a cold, they get well until infected by another.

Either way like it or not there's always a viral on its way

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