Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Stop Video Animation - Student Video Winner

A simple idea for our youtube times which has many varsities participating, but John Hopkins in Baltimore can claim to be in the premiere league.

Its student video competition last year saw Stop animation vid, made by Robert Huynh and Noel Sanjuan, take first prize.

Called: "It seemed like a good idea", this would have involved a good degree of work and hopefully the students involved not having to miss too many lectures :)

The judges? The Dean, Susan Boswell and Emmy Award Winner Richard Chisolm and CEO of EMI Roger Faxon and Marketing Director Chris Cullen.


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Robert Hood said...

3D Animation: Precisely What Your Product Requires

The animation market is big- it was worth over $254 billion dollars in 2017. It has, however, become apparent that the increase was but the beginning. This is generally due to the fact that animation has made its presence felt in the field of marketing.

9 s You Didn't Know About 3D Animation

3D animation has been synonymous with the entertainment industry for the better part of its history. This is really because animation is phenomenal at captivating an audience. In the recent past, however, 3D animation is increasingly being used to showcase products.

Does 3D animation beat conventional methods of promoting products?

Well, Extremely Effective!

Just take a look at brands such as Gillette and Apple. Look at the Gillette ads and you will realize that a simple animation changed a lowly shave into an adventure. This has made the brand very well liked among customers. As its competitors use conventional marketing, Gillette infuses some 3D adventure to set itself apart. The benefit is that great animation is generally regarded to be proof of an excellent product. That is exactly what a great 3D product animation will do for your brand; it will make you stand shoulders above the competition.

The advantages of 3D animation- as a marketing strategy- can be summed up in three main points:

1. Prototyping Magic: A lot of cash goes into designing a prototype to test the market. These pricey prototypes yield the required feedback but, what if you could have the feedback at a cheaper price? Well, now there is. 3D product animation models your product in a virtual world and exposes it to the market. That is to say, you get the necessary feedback from the market without suffering the cost of a prototype.

2.First Impressions Matter Most: Products are rarely entertaining to look at. Imagine a Gillette ad without the animation. How dull would that have been?

3D product animation takes an ordinary looking item and changes it into an adventure of epic proportions. The product is viewable across all 360-degrees with special effects added for that extra punch. Do it right and the market will obsess over your product.

The iPhone X utilized this strategy perfectly. Apple invested greatly on 3D product animation to get the phone noticed. The primary brands of the world- think Huawei, Microsoft, and Samsung- all use 3D product animations. Now you know why they take over their respective markets.

3.Money Matters: 3D product animation is not an expense, it's a save. The animation can be used long before the marketing phase to distinguish problems in the product design. Designers can modify the product after analyzing its model without physical prototyping.

Animation is easily the most cost-effective marketing method there is. With the rising popularity of Virtual Reality (VR) and 3D printing, it helps to show that you are acquainted with the latest trends.

In conclusion, your product has a lot to gain from 3D technologies. They add mystique, suspense, and glamor to products. Being a contemporary development, animation provides your product legitimacy in the modern market. You will be amazed to know how many excellent products fail to sell because of how they introduced themselves to the market.

Don't add to that sad statistic. Abandon generic advertising techniques. Turn your advertising into a 3D adventure. You do wish to be the next Apple and Huawei, don't you?