Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Normal Videojournalism, Multmiedia Service

Shot from Apple pro site David talking about future media

Sorry normal service begins early next week. Currently head deep in Satre, Lacan and Bergson.

Next week from the cognitive mix capital of new media, Miami, I'll be reporting from WeMedia Game Changers, Miami University, and I'm told leading/co leading a morning talk on media.

That it comes a week after Phd stuff makes for an interesting mix, as we try to redefine parameters and what we can do. One new definition of VJ from a narratology POV is the cognitive sense of abstract material into a plot. Some contemporary social thinkers then build on this, because VJ is expanding into Serious Games and VR worlds.

As I speak one of the big Europe operators is building an avatar of a VJ which has complex behaviour patterns to do some amazing things. Imagine that, an avatar filming avatar and editing that mixed with live footage.

Very excited! Meantime, back to the books.

p.s Thanks to the good folks in Mainz at the VJ awards and for the ribbing from the apple pro article.

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