Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Big theme ideas

A lot of people marvel at Smart Lab's phd programme. Most Phders are left to their own, to forge their own path and possibly see their supervisor once every eclipse.

We meet three times a year in full on one week sessions that cover interdisciplinary approaches to learning.

This morning started off with the new dean of the computing school, popping by to say hello and given us a presentation. He said some profound things backed by a ppt on how he devised a programme to test the effectiveness of e-learning.

Extraordinary. I so need to post this in more detail. But the slogan he left us with was we've haven't changed us system of learning. We interested in teaching, but the idea of standing in front of a board, black or electronic, has not enhanced the student experience.

He cited the case of a tracking programme in a research study whereby the majority of students were only interested in passing exams, not learning.

Susan Korzel, faculty, whose speciality is philosophy and dance took us through an eye opening journey of writing about yourself yet apt for an academia. It's not as easy as it sounds.

The epistemology is known as Phenomenology. I'll post more on this and some of the fab things to emerge from smart lab during the week

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