Friday, February 06, 2009

Downloading my brain

Sorry normal posts assume next week as right now I'm buried under 7000 word chapter for my thesis, plus a film to demonstrate the new realism of video journalism, which has taken me around the centuries 5th, 13th, 17th and 21st ending up on Henry Jenkin's convergence culture.

Preshoots for Masters coming along, with how to cheat at Current Affairs making.

Next week I'm in Berlin for a day, judging panelist meet the winners of the International VJ awards, and am looking to submit abstract for Journalism in Crisis.

Then there's a revalidation of a new course, not before a week of phd peer review supervision, then off to Miami for WeMedia.

Meanwhile publishers have touched base and so looking forward to that dialogue, But have to submit marks to grad office for 70 masters students.

Peron emailed me about coming to Brazil to lecture in video journalism. The energy to VJ anywhere in South America would be awesome. Just look at the talent of film makers emerging. We'll have to see though about that.

So back to the thesis, but I will be twittering. Circuit training 9.30 tomorrow. Bang goes my Saturday. If you're passing by the BBC feature from the 90s - one of the best BBC current affairs shows for young people is worth watching / reading.

They don't do it like that anymore.

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