Friday, January 16, 2009

Look your age and act it

Oh the problems over looking youthful. Not for the first time.

But at the recent BJTC meeting, Liz Howell who runs the TV and TV docs at City University and a stalwart broadcast manager, almost single handedly slung me out of the meeting.

I arrived puffing, barely able to get my jacket off, when Liz approached on guard. Eyes closed in, finger pointed and the phrase: You're not allowed in here. It needed me taking my cap off and a meek, "really I'm allowed in here" look before she realised.

Must have raised a giggle over at Adrian's City, cuz I got sent the following:

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Subject: Secret of eternal youth
LOLLis Howell told me she thought you were a student!!!!

It's no wonder successive students perhaps walk into Westminster and perceive a twenty something lecturer and wonder: "what the hell he's doing here ?".

Must tell me aerobics teacher tomorrow that this jumping up an down malarky is working; though truth by the time we get to mid term with looming markings, I've aged considerably.

Now where's that snake poison elixir!

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