Wednesday, January 07, 2009

2009 trends for accelerated media - videojournalism

Scientists refer to the point where one species is superceded by another as "passing through the bottle neck".

It is a punctuated timeline which yields an entity, species zero, much able to cope with new conditions. So if you thought newspapers and TV will disappear, having adopted web 2.0 mannerisms, you might want to think again.

So what are some of the things that might crop up in 2009?

  • Ever more richer multimedia films in which the likes of Thirst in the Mojave presents one of the more interesting uses of the lean towards greater linking e.g. video linking. Use of the events in the FLV player provides "bloombergesque" content. Next step in Mojave is independently being able to drill or hold the info on screen.
  • HD video, richer saturations, wider screens and more player innovations e.g. click to send to your i-phone etc will become more evident. Paradoxically, the web is set to realise the same problem TV wrestled with during its launch. It'll need a brand to face those videos. To some it's not rocket science, but the "screen" factor for the generation ahead will begin to matter in deciding who to visit in this vast digital soup of ours.
  • Since front end ads have proved not to be a distraction for viewers, will we see behaviours such as tent poling creeping into video stories? That is the first 15 seconds sets up the next story from the one you've clicked.
  • In the face of a crippling economy and lay offs, is this the year finally when whole swathes of former bricks and mortar broadcast employees set up alternative online structures. e.g. or Might as well, particularly if you can keep overheads down.
  • Video journalism - appreciation of the psychology of the moving image and its emotional flow online
  • Training, training and more training - not for information, which is transient, but knowledge.

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