Sunday, January 04, 2009

Innovation - visuals, video and the message

There is a line. To the naked eye as invisible as the break of dawn, where visuals perform sensually alongside sound and their execution is like sea horses mating. And when that happens, something new happens. It's like an awakening and you marvel without equivocation.

It can take years to get there. And sometimes never. Good content is king, but it requires a good courtier to show content at its possible widest best. There is technique - a formula - in this, if you can spot it

And then there's creativity, and the journey, the journey is one of emotion, a connection, an acknowledgment.... respeck.. of the brand. For visual story telling, there can be no future, this is it, and it can be remodelled any way.

There is a line, where good artists, reside and what they do is breathless- story telling at its..........

The director of this spot is, Mark Romanek, and behind him lies a whole creative team. The client, who else, is Nike, whose "Just do it" refluxing street, sport, lifestyle and the cool hunters has stood the test of multimedia time .

If you want to read more then that 2000 phenom book No Logo - Naomi Klein is as good as any place to start. I have just pulled mine of the shelf for a skim pleasure read.

Thanks to Ian Schafer for catching this sparking my attention. On his site he does a brand break down.

I'll put together a series of pieces previewed here later after cutting a couple of stories I intend to take to wemedia Miami.


David Dunkley Gyimah presented "The Cool Hunters" for the film council a while back from working with Jon Staton Productions who was formerly the head of TV at Saatchis and Saatchis, whre they devised the agency,

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