Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Day like this - web we can

On a day like this, you'll remember where you were and what you were doing.

The occasion drew on memories from reporting in South Africa, the inauguration of Nelson Mandela. The first black president having broken the yoke of legalised racism.

But while the similarities are prevalent, of course there are significant differences.

Does a new political era chasten a different reportage in style and issues; a new prism to view culture, people and the arts?

Does it shift an ideologue away from dogma, or what traditionalists prioritise to lead the news agenda to something broader, more pragmatic?

Can we barrack that we've been led to believe is important? Petite politics, Personality trivia news, vacuous issues dressed as central themes?

This is a reworking of a now popular tone .

I hope to talk about an innovative video journalism initiative at some point.

A continuum in "change journalism" - which I have wrapped up in a 30 sec promo opening Viewmagazine.tv

To paraphrase the architect of this day, perhaps, just perhaps web we can.

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